Lake Rules at Blackthorn Fishery

Fishing and lake viewing is strictly by appointment only.


  • Fishing and lake viewing is strictly by appointment only
  • Anglers fish at Blackthorn Fishery entirely at their own risk. The owners do not accept any liability for injury to anglers or their guests, or theft or damage to anglers property
  • Only anglers / guests that have booked are allowed on site. Unauthorised visitors to the venue will be asked to leave.
  • 3 rods max per angler. We do allow 3 rods each when 2 anglers fish a double swim lodge. But sometimes when fish are very active during warmer months, you may increase your catch rate by fishing 2 rods each.
  • No Litter please. Take all litter home with you – this includes cigarette ends.  Lodge guests have bins provided.
  • No maggots or bait to be stored in lodges.  Large lockable storage containers are provided on your swim, which can also accommodate fishing equipment and luggage.
  • No fish are to be introduced or taken off site, all fish remain the property of Blackthorn Fishery. Removal of fish is deemed as theft and will become a police matter. CCTV footage will be used as evidence. Please do not be aggrieved if asked to have your vehicle inspected
  • Due to the close proximity of lodges to the waters edge, we cannot accept bookings for children under 8 years on Pines lake or under 12 years on Blackthorn main lake.
  • No Dogs/Pets

Care of fish

  • Rods must not be left unattended in the water (i.e. You must not be more than 1 swim away)
  • All anglers must use the unhooking mats, weigh slings, & landing nets provided by the fishery. This stops disease being spread from other fisheries on contaminated fish care equipment. Under no circumstances can any other nets, retainers/slings or mats be brought on site.
  • No waders to be brought on site. This is a further increase in our bio security, to reduce the chance of disease spread. If you need waders for a water shot, we will provide you with a pair as and when needed.
  • Fish must always be transported from unhooking mats back to the water in slings provided (not in your arms)
  • When photographing fish please do so over an unhooking mat kneeling down/not standing
  • Please use carp antiseptic on hook holds or lifted scales e.g. Klin-ik
Tackle and Bait
  •  Barbless hooks only. Flattened/filed barbs are not allowed. Rigs will be checked
  • No Keep nets, landing nets or sacks allowed on site
  • Minimum strength line 15lb
  • No Zig fishing
  • No braided main line (Braided hook link is fine)
  • No shelf life boilies, freezer bait boilies only please
  • No nuts of any sort to be used – fine as hookbait
  • No long curved shanked hooks fox series 5, long shank nailers etc.
  • No fixed leads
  • Rigs must be safe with the lead able to eject if the fish gets snagged
  • Korda style lead clips are acceptable, but the tail rubber must not be forced down to tight to prevent the lead ejecting.
  • Helisafe lead drop off system for chods/helicopter rig preffered.
  • No plastic, foam or artificial baits to be used (pop ups & wafters are fine).

Care and respect for other anglers

  • Radios are allowed but noise must be kept to a minimum so that neighbouring anglers are not disturbed
  • No drugs, swimming or fires
  • Alcohol: We do not like the idea of anyone who might be in contact with our fish being under the influence of alcohol, so only drinking in moderation will be acceptable.
  • Bait boats are not allowed on Blackthorn main lake. Bait boats are allowed on Blackthorn Pines. 
  • Be courteous to others, antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Please talk to other anglers, there is more than enough water for everyone

Most common complaints by other anglers

  • Floodlights! 1 million candle power torches are not necessary, standard torches or head torches are more than enough
  • When setting rods on alarms, please keep beeping to a minimum
  • For most us, the above rules are common practice and don’t restrict our fishing experience. However, the venues’ Bailiffs have the right to remove any angler or guest immediately who fails to comply with any listed rule.
  • Blackthorn Fishery accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to equipment or vehicles whilst on the premises.

Handling Carp
An interesting video blog on how to handle carp safely. We would expect many of these techniques to be understood by anglers visiting Blackthorn.

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