The Fish at Blackthorn Fishery

Home to 103 Stunning ‘hand picked’ VS Fishery Strain




The Fish at Blackthorn Fishery

The lake is home to 107 stunning ‘hand picked’ VS fishery’s strain, up to 40lb 10oz. The fish are simply stunning! The selection of Mirrors and Commons offer something for everyone. There is a first-class head of fantastic looking leathers, fully scaled, and several very special Linears and Zip Linears. These fish have impressive body shape and fight like crazy!

Blackthorn is not a heavily stocked “runs water”. It is a specimen venue for the experienced carp angler.  If you are new to carp fishing, catching here would not be impossible- but would be very challenging.

The first stocking took place in February 2011 with carp of up to 24lb. All have true British heritage, being born and bred in the UK by Viv Shears and Simon Scott of VS Fisheries. The ‘sovereign’ strain at Blackthorn are a combination of Suttons, Leneys and Dink Crosses.

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As of April 2019. Total number of fish is 107. 10 confirmed over 30lb, with the largest at 40lb 10oz. 26 fish were recorded in autumn 2018 at over 26lb, with numerous caught above 28lb, and at least 5 at over 29lb. We hope with another good growing year in 2019 we could have near or over 25 fish over 30lb. The majority of the rest of the fish are over 20lb- 25lb with approximately 20 fish just under 20lb.